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Everything, Everything

— feeling amazing

My name is Sydney Morgan and I love to read. I'm in eighth grade and I started to explore my book taste. My new favorite type of book genre is action and romantic. 

These last couple weeks I've been reading Everything,Everything by:Nicola Yoon. It is an amazing book so far. I'm not to far in this fascinating book, but so far there is romance and action. In addition, this love story is extraordinary and not sappy. Which is one reason why I enjoy it so much, and I think you would too. Not only is this a book about romance and action, but the characters are involved are teenagers and their parents. This is really cool because it makes it more interesting to read. Even though it is a really good read for teens I believe the audience is for mature readers. The reason being because of some of the situations that occur, and the language.This is all I can inform you on as of now I will keep you updated. 



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